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Why Have a Children's Entertainer at a Christening?

Christening parties can be boring events for children. Usually they are held in clubs, pubs and hotels with nothing to amuse children. As every parent knows, a bored child can be problematic. The point of a party is for you the adult, to enjoy yourselves as well as have a chat with relatives and friends you may not have seen for a while. Employing a good Children's Entertainer can be the answer.

A good entertainer will be able to create a package of entertainment around what your party needs and what you can afford to spend. Paying too little for an entertainer is likely to create problems. My recommendation is not to always go for the cheapest, but look for an entertainer around £75 for a magic show and £120 for a basic 90 minute games and magic show. For this amount of money and asking the correct questions of a children’s entertainer when you book them, you should end up with a good act.

Christenings, like weddings usually have a wide age range of children attending. With 25 years experience in entertaining children, I suggest that games, dancing and game shows are great for this wide age range. This package would allow all the children to enjoy the entertainment. If most of the children are very young (9 years old or younger), a magic show with balloon modelling would be a great alternative.

Employing a Children’s Entertainer also has the advantage that people stay longer, creating a better atmosphere for the whole party. Families with children who get bored usually have to “leave early” which can destroy the atmosphere at a Christening.

If you are worried about the numbers coming to the Christening, tell the guests that you are inviting that you have booked an entertainer. Very often this will tip the balance in to them accepting your invitation. If they know their child won’t be bored they are more likely to come.

Although food is not the responsibility of an entertainer, I would also like to suggest something on behalf of the children. Often, the food that is prepared is fantastic for adults, but not always suitable for children. If you are inviting children make a few child friendly sandwiches, put out some small pieces of fruit with some biscuits and crisps on a separate table, so that the adults don’t eat them. This allows some children to eat from the main buffet and maybe mix and match from the smaller child-friendly table. It’s a small thing, but so often some children don’t eat at these events, creating the wrong atmosphere.

In summary, a good children’s entertainer will create a unique party atmosphere, which will allow the adults to relax and mingle, whilst their children are entertained for up to 3 hours. This is a price worth paying for having a magical christening.

For all enquires or to make a booking, ring Chris on 07941 5503150 or 01772 633363 or complete the enquiry form.

by Chris Cotton - 9th January 2011

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