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What Entertainment is Good at a Teenagers Party?

The thought of entertaining teenagers can be a nightmare for parents. Traditional children's entertainers don't tend to cater for ages older than 9. Here are some ideas for parents if they are arranging a party for a teenager.

Most parents opt for a disco when they arrange a party for a teenager, but this option on its own can be boring for some teenagers. The best entertainment is to create a show that is interactive, fun and unique.

Discos are great, but only to an extent. The biggest problem with them is you don't want a DJ who is used to doing only adult discos. They will need to have sufficient skills to do an interactive show for teenagers. Many DJs just play music. What is really needed is an entertainer that gets involved in the disco and does some games that are suitable for teenagers to get everyone warmed up to dance. Doing games is a great way to get teenagers involved and on the dance floor. All too often, teenagers will stand or sit at the edges, sometimes too embarrassed to get involved. A good entertainer will get them involved and keep their attention, so that they feel as if they can enjoy themselves without being embarrassed. Very few DJs are experienced in stage entertainment, what you need is a skilled entertainer rather than just a DJ. So be very careful who you pick to do the disco and find out if they have the right experience to make your party unique and fun packed.

To some parents balloon modelling may sound childish, but from 25 years experience I can tell you that teens, both boys and girls, thoroughly enjoy this, if the entertainer has the experience and personality to do it the right way. Boys tend to have swords and pirate hats and the girls tend to have teddy bears in hearts. It may sound babyish, but it really works for teenage parties.

There are very few entertainers who do game shows, but if you can find one, it will make a teenagers party completely unique. They have to pit their wits against the entertainer in order to win prizes including a cash star prize. What teenager doesn't want to win money?? Games such as Play Your Cards Right, Strike It Rich, Find the Joker or Take Your Pick can be played and all are extremely interactive. These shows will make your teenagers party unique and fun.

A good Entertainer who can provide all these pieces of entertainment can make your teenagers party unique, fun packed & enjoyable taking all the worries and concerns you have and ensuring everyone enjoys themselves.

For all enquires or to make a booking, ring Chris on 07941 5503150 or 01772 633363 or complete the enquiry form.

by Chris Cotton - 8th January 2011

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