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What Would Make Your Child's or Teenagers Party Unique?

Are you looking for something that will make your child's party stand out? If so, have you thought about having a childrens entertainer put on a game show?


There are hundreds of magicians and clowns that do similar shows which only cater for a very narrow age range.   If you ask around, virtually everyone has seen a magician at a party. But have you ever seen a fun packed game show?


Only the very best children's entertainers will have the flexibility to cater for children as young as 4 and as old as 18. Furthermore, a good entertainer will make every party unique and special, meaning you can hire them on multiple occasions.


Here are my suggestions for four game shows which are not only suitable for all ages but are fun-packed and will bring a party alive. Each show can be performed in any type of venue, from a small room all the way up to a stage performance, entertaining hundreds of children.


The four unique formats are: 

·         Higher or Lower - a card game similar to Play Your Cards Right

·         Take Your Pick - find the star prizes in one of the 12 small boxes

·         Strike it Lucky - is it top, middle or bottom, the correct answer gets the star prize

·         Find the Joker - find the joker from a board of cards to win big


Each child is given a raffle ticket and one is drawn out. If their ticket is drawn the child is called up to play the game to win prizes.


An experienced entertainer will be able to tailor the precise contents of the show to cater for any age of audience. This format makes them ideal where there is a very wide age range, such as weddings or christenings.


The important feature of these game shows is that everyone wins something. The result is that all the children go home happy, as there are no losers.


A popular format for teenage birthday parties is to hold a game show during the first half, and then to combine it with a disco during the second half.


A good, experienced children's entertainer will have the talent to do both game shows and discos which will make a multi format party particularly cost effective, in addition to being a really sensational event.

For all enquires or to make a booking, ring Chris on 07941 5503150 or 01772 633363 or complete the enquiry form .

by Chris Cotton - 14th January 2011

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