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Essential Things you Need Check with the DJ if you are Having a Children's Disco Party

Many parents book discos for their child's party without thinking about some important potential problems and whether who they have just booked can solve those problems. Here are some of the pitfalls, and how to find a DJ that will make your kid's party a success.

If you want to be sure that your next kid's disco party is a success, be sure to follow these tips.

1. There is usually a difference between a DJ and a specialist children's entertainer. A DJ will have the lights but will they have the skills and personality to interact with the children in a way that makes the disco fun where everyone joins in? Many DJs are experienced in entertaining adults and not children. Many do children's shows to fill out a Saturday afternoon for a bit of extra money. Children's needs are very different from adults, so why would you book a DJ who is a specialist in entertaining adults? Children need to be warmed up, before they will dance. Specialised games, coupled with knowing which music will get the children dancing is what is needed. Make sure you book a specialist children's entertainer and not just a DJ who may just be used to entertaining adults.

2. There is nothing worse than paying for a disco and having a power cut. How many DJs with power hungry equipment could cope with a power cut in a church or school hall, pub or club? A specialist entertainer will know how to cope; they will have a battery backup system, for instance by having Wave Bose sound equipment. This system will ensure your disco will still operate even without any power, as it can also run on batteries. You may not have the lights, but you still will have great audio sound. Most entertainers and DJs won't spend 1000 pounds on backup battery power equipment, so next time you book a disco, ask the entertainer how they cope with a power failure. Many won't have the experience or equipment to cope.

3. Top quality lights can make a serious difference to a disco. Martin lights are expensive but are amongst the best lights you can buy. Anyone can buy cheap lights, but professionals tend to buy Martin. What's the difference? Martin lights are the brightest lights and have the best optics and gobos that make the patterns. So next time you book a disco, ask them which lights they use, if the name they say is anything other than Martin think very carefully about who you are booking.

4. The most important questions involve safety. Disco lights can become very hot. Some entertainers use stands that can fall over. If an accident did occur, is your entertainer covered from an insurance and legal perspective? Booking Equity members in the UK ensures that your entertainer will have 10 million pounds of public liability insurance and will have legal cover. This takes the worry away from you. Many venues, clubs, pubs, church halls now require portable appliance tested (PAT) equipment, but not all entertainers will have equipment with proper PAT certification. When booking an entertainer ask them if they have equipment with PAT certificates. If they say no, be aware that there is a real possibility that they will not be allowed to perform in many places, so you will be left without any entertainment.

By checking all these factors when you are hiring a DJ for your next children's disco you will make sure that the occasion is really successful.

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by Chris Cotton - 27th December 2010

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